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5 must-have features for a competitive e-commerce platform

There has been a boom in E-Commerce during the recent past; it is evident from the way online businesses have exponentially grown that consumers the world over love to go digital. Almost everything is available on the World Wide Web. Although online stores websites abound, certain key elements need to be taken care of, in order for any E-Commerce website to stay competitive and relevant.

Understanding Customer Needs – Learning what they want is the key to Success of E-Commerce Platforms

It has been proven by research that identifying customer preference and understanding their shopping trends are the primary factors that enable online stores to accomplish business profit. With the number of people going online for their shopping needs increasing year on year, it is imperative that E-Commerce business owners fulfill the needs of their online customers to stay ahead of competition.

5 Essential Features Your E-Commerce Platform Needs

Entrepreneurs running online stores of course understand the importance of a website to look professional. However, to be able to succeed in E-Commerce ventures in this hyper-competition age, the following five critical features are a must :

  • Advanced Options for Payment
  • Selling something online necessitates collecting payment – An E-Commerce platform must give flexibility to merchandisers for setting up customized pricing structures such as discounts based on groups, locations, and quantity. Various international payment methods need to be supported. Users must be given freedom to utilize payment gateways that they prefer.

  • Security
  • Just like E-Commerce is found to be on the rise, cyber crime too has been increasing. Fraud prevention strategy that offers friction-free, seamless customer journey must be adopted. Close attention is required on the security capabilities of the E-Commerce platform.

  • Cross-selling and Up-selling Prospects and Features
  • Sales can be increased by roughly 25 % by using up-selling and cross-selling techniques. Guiding people to recognize what they want helps in selling what you have.

  • Responsive and Customized Design
  • The best way to woo in customers is to stand out from the crowd – ensure that your website appears different from the umpteen number of sites on the cyber space. Not only easy-to-use navigational features but also aesthetic and unique appearance is essential.

  • SEO Capabilities
  • The E-Commerce platform needs flexible and friendly SEO system.

An E-Commerce platform that is rich with attractive images, practical language, and mobile device compatibility will surpass others efficiently. Visually appealing sites offering ease of use and seamless onboarding facilities will be sure winners.