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How to Start a WordPress Review Blog

The eCommerce customers are tech-savvy and watchful of quality standards. They spend more time on independent review sites rather than on the website of the business from which they purchase and products and services. The market for review sites is thus booming. Creating a WordPress Review blog is easy and simple. A review site provides candid, honest and unbiased reviews of products and services. Some trending review sites include GlassDoor and Yelp.

Pre-requirements to creating a Review Blog

There are some essential pre-cursors that are required to get your WordPress blog up and running. The web host chosen must be one that can guarantee reliable performance so that your web hosting account runs seamlessly. Get a trendy domain name for your blog. You will need a good WordPress theme on which the review blog will be architected. It must be able to present your reviews in an aesthetic and traffic-generating manner. With all the themes and plugins in place, you are ready to Develop your exclusive WordPress blog. However, you also need great content to foot your reviews with.

Install WordPress and choose a Review Theme

Installing WordPress on the hosting account, in a safe and secure manner is the first step. Doing a manual installation is always preferred to a one-click automated installation. The next step is to choose a competitive and highly functional WordPress Review Theme. Since the market is full of WordPress Review themes, care has to be applied in choosing a theme that offers both aesthetics and smooth user experience.

Installing an optimized WordPress Review Theme

There are limitless service providers in the market offering highly optimized WordPress Review themes. Some of these review templates may not worthy of investment and might even hamper future flexibility to change themes at will. Go in for an elegant and simple theme that offers a proper blend of images and content. Though WordPress offers excellent themes by default, many WordPress developers prefer adding premium themes.

Installing the WordPress-Review Pro Plugin

This is an addition to the previous step and is an essential gesture in the direction of bringing variety, quality, and flexibility to your review blog. Though there have been many premium plugins unleashed by WordPress, WP-Review Pro surpasses them all in the way it showcases your valuable reviews. Using the plug-in, you can enable entry of ratings in the comment box by users. You can assign a custom colour for each review. You can show the review ratings as thumbnails. The dimensions and position of the review box can be controlled. Furthermore, the WP Review Pro Add-ons package has many additional features that are specific to review sites.

WordPress Review plugins complete the creation of outstanding review blogs effortlessly. They allow you to use stars, percentage or point ratings that can set apart your blog from competitors. Content can be reviewed easily without slow-speed problems on the website. Thus, creating a review blog is no longer rocket science with the all new themes, templates and plugins galore from WordPress.