Product Development

Product Development

Global economic downturn, globalization of business atmosphere and research and developments in technologies pushing every business including IT / Service Industries for the embracing of outsourcing strategy in their product development processes. Currently, companies are understanding that being alone in product development process do not provide them any differentiation in their production areas. The purposes of such approach are not only for cost effectiveness and focus on core competition, but companies accept outsourcing for a distinct marketing edge and to groove over their competitors. Likewise, in the software industry,“Product development need not be the core capability of product company”, which has become the trend of the business across global.

Success mantra of Clorida in OPD space

Whether you want custom app development to promote your business, provide users with a unique service, or simplify internal processes, we've expertise with us for your software development requirements. Our team of developers have strong competencies in the areas of back-end languages like Java, Python, PHP & Ruby, front-end languages like Javascript, CSS, & HTML and database management systems Microsoft SQL, MySQL & Oracle, etc

How Clorida is different from other OPD Providers


Technology oriented

We understand the global trends and our continuous market research and business analysis, we develop the Technology capabilities well in advance. Our Analyst Programmers does the POC as per the collective discussions with Industry Experts, Functional Consultants, Technical Architect’s and Project Managers that proves our competencies in the respective Technologies front.

People Oriented

Product Development is a collective effort. Any product requires appropriate Engineering while building it, which requires a high level of skills + capabilities for the talents who will be part of developing such application(s). Based on our market study and business concepts for which we worked on POC will provide us the required space for us to develop the skills and keep them ready before deployment into Product Development

Process Oriented

For any application development, architecture and coding standards are very essential elements. We understand the flow of activities well for the product development. Hence, we chart out the flow of functionalities well and highlight both internal and external integrations. Reconcile the same with checklist of items ‘mission-critical’ for a product development and finalize the workflows accordingly.

Advantages at Clorida

  • Strong Expertise levels
  • Continuous R&D on the Technology advancements
  • Talent pool Backup plan
  • Competitive Development costs for our clients
  • Value addition : Product Road map

How do we engage with our client and develop the product(s)


Ideation Phase

  • Idea formulation and defining the problem(s)
  • Prototype the proposed product and freeze the requirements

Planning Phase

  • Requirement Analysis reconciliation with Technologies overview
  • Development Life Cycle and Project plan as per Agile
  • Plan for the day to day operations

Product Development

  • Understand the Mission-Critical
  • Chart out Work Breakdown Structure and phase out the priorities as Milestones
  • Managing the Development Cycle


  • Work with our clients and their Vendors for the Infrastructure requirements
  • Closely work with all the internal and external stakeholders and make sure about smooth Go Live arrangements

Post Live Support

  • Support as per Contract and beyond
  • Product maintenance as per agreed SLAs
  • Product enhancement suggestions based on post live feedbacks