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Product Opinions Influence Purchase Decisions

It is a universally accepted fact that customer opinion holds an important and influential place in their buying decisions. It is the end customers—people who practically buy products and services who command the primary attention—whose needs and tastes are to be satisfied to the maximum possible extent, to be able to sustain your business. The more the entrepreneurs fulfill customer requirements and earn their good opinions about a product or service, the stronger are their chances of succeeding in influencing people to buy.


Using marketing research surveys or other techniques, companies gather information from consumers regarding their products—sometimes, even before introducing a product, for the successful launch or retention, and mostly, after new products have been launched. In both cases, the customer opinion that can be garnered as feedback, counts the most as it influences buying decisions of buyers.

Customer opinion helps define and understand their tastes and needs, assisting business owners in determining what kind of features, designs, and styles customers appreciate. The exact product needs of the consumer can be met using such opinions which reflect their feelings clearly. Customer opinion forms the basis for succeeding in not only introducing new products but also how to develop products that could conquer the minds of potential buyers, leading them to make the ultimate buying decisions.

How Customer Opinion Helps

Understanding customer opinion allows companies to better realize and figure out how their products are being rated by consumers. Factors such as how your product compares with competitors’ products, whether your product excels or falls short in comparison to others, and how alternative products fare in the market, can be identified. This enables organizations in deciding about how to present the products and services to suit the needs and tastes of consumers, helping them impact purchase decision process.

Trends and futuristic tendencies of consumers can be clearly forecast by using their opinions. Introduction of newer technologies and models may be decided upon using data gathered from consumers. Entrepreneurs will have to consider adapting tools and technologies as per the requirements of customers, as drawn from their feedback.

Impact of Opinions on Buying Decisions

The common man seeks advice and guidance from those who he thinks are knowledgeable and experts, for making important purchase-related judgments. Opinion leaders play a vital role in influencing consumers with regard to driving and motivating them toward making selection and purchase processes. Key dominating features of opinion and feedback are listed below:

  • Consumers look for help in making their purchase choices
  • Opinion leaders guide consumers in coming up with their endorsements
  • Honest and impartial opinion leaders play a vital role in assisting buyers
  • Celebrities and Influential people are useful in promoting sales of products through their endorsement

Marketing gurus are unanimous in their view about how public opinion influences in business promotion and leads to increased sales by turning potential customers into buyers.