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Stages to build ecommerce site on Wordpress using WP ecommerce Plug-in

Wordpress , the favorite CMS for many, is not only for building blogs but also has evolved for building complete websites. Excellent ecommerce sites can be built within few hours using Wordpress .

Stages for Building an eCommerce Site using Wordpress

  • Install Wordpress and make the site ready
  • Assuming that you have registered your domain name and have selected some hosting plan from reliable hosting services, you can install Wordpress in your domain. Take time to select some suitable theme from the theme directory. Log in to admin section, add suitable categories from the posts menu and configure the settings from the settings menu.

  • Install ecommerce plug-in
  • Wordpress has great plug-ins for all your needs. From the plugins menu, add new plugin, ‘WP e-commerce’ by selecting install now. After installation is completed, activate the plugin.

  • Customize the plug-in
  • Now, you have to customize the plug in as per your requirements. The moment the plugin is activated, an extra menu for Products in the admin section and Store option in the Settings section are added. In addition, three tools ‘Sales by Quarter, Sales by Month and Sales Summary’ are present in the dashboard to analyze the sales.

  • Make the site static from the settings -> reading section and select the option Front Page Display -> products page. This will ensure when people visit the site, they will land on the products page.
  • Now, set custom settings in the WP ecommerce plugin. Take general section, set, the country, markets, time for retaining customer’s cart, currency type and currency sign and click update.
  • Next configure Presentation section. Options you have to set are Add cart options, other product display styles and shopping cart settings. Click update to save the settings.
  • Admin customizations are to set the purchase receipt details, email replies, email address, custom messages, tracking responses, terms and conditions.
  • Taxes section is for setting up tax options.
  • Shipping customization include free coupon settings, shipping modules, shipping calculator and shipping gateway option.
  • Payment customization is for selecting the payment gateway of your choice and its settings.
  • Marketing and Checkout options must be set as per your requirement.
  • Add products
  • After customizing WP ecommerce plugin as above, adding products is very easy. Following the instructions, it can be done with few simple clicks.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Now the site is ready with products. It has all the basic features of an online store. What it needs now is marketing. Open accounts for your online store in Face Book, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media networks and add the pages with your site will bring visitors to you site. This is the basic method to increase sales.

Features of WP eCommerce Plugin

  • Easy, simple installation;
  • Compatible with all Wordpress themes
  • 100% Search Engine friendly
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports all payment gateways
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Offers Multi-shipping Choices
  • Integration of SSL security integration
  • Promotes products through easy Integration of Social media networks
  • Easy integration with Google