Joomla is an open source software on which Websites and applications can be made. It is one of the Content Management Systems (CMS) which interfaces the website to a MySQLi, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database to make the content management and deliver simply to the site owners and users.

Joomla's essential concentrate has been on convenience and extensibility since its underlying release in 2005. Joomla is a fully free open source arrangement accessible to anybody and everybody with a longing to construct dynamic and strong locales for an assortment of purposes. Joomla has been used by a portion of the Web's most conspicuous brands including Harvard, iHop, and MTV. It is equipped for completing assignments going from corporate sites and websites to informal organizations and online business.

With a great many remarkable and valuable expansions and layouts accessible, it is directly one of the biggest single site building stages accessible. It is this staggering group exertion that settles on Joomla an incredible decision for designers hunting down a solitary stage with which they can get dynamic support from their companions.

It is imperative to consider Joomla not as a constrained stage on which a sort of site is constructed, however a strong arrangement of apparatuses that makes it conceivable to interface guests to information in an assortment of ways. Joomla's broad arrangement of coordinated advancements enables webpage supervisors and designers to improve well past the limits of a basic site.